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Version: 0.73
Last updated: 20230722
The content disclosed in the course of this living document, White Paper, is subject to change and updates and should not be interpreted as commitments, promises or guarantees on the behalf of Moonlanders or any of JericVerse's affiliate organisations.
JericVerse: Moonlanders.game "World Simulation"

What is JericVerse?

If you like music, arts, tech, games and AI, then AGENT1 is the project for you. Welcome to JericVerse.
JericVerse is an evolving evergreen universe, story & AI gaming ecosystem where players & creators can explore, share & experience artistic gaming on and off the Ethereum blockchain.
The experience spans not only digitally, but also extends into the physical world. Using our JericVerse Creator Tools, players, artists, musicians and game designers can create art galleries, for themselves and share with others. These can be monetized to earn the creator passive income, via in-game purchases or ticketing features.
The Metaverse Game is designed to last for the foreseeable future, integrating AI from it arts to gameplay, providing tools for NFT and crypto holders to shape and build the virtual world with their own creations. It is a collaborative project where everyone works together to unlock features and rewards.
Read more about JericVerse in the article below.
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