What are AGENT1s?

Learn more about the Agent1 NFTs in JericVerse.

AGENT1 as an NFT

AGENT1s are 10,001 NFTs running on the Ethereum Blockchain.

AGENT1 is the first "software consumable/utility" NFT, that renders its visuals based on the holders' actions and wallet contents. They are a unique and user-interactive form of NFT.

While in a wallet, they "polymorph and grow" with each trade and transaction. Holders can also find codes and easter eggs to earn CREE Minerals and further boost their Agent1s NFT statistics.

Engagement on X/Twitter, Discord and on the AGENT1 Website also rewards AGENT1 NFT holders with CREE Minerals.

Players get to also participate in the Code Hunter game, that earns them extra CREE Minerals & $CREE, and also affect their NFTs when they reveal.

How are JericVerse NFTs different from other NFTs?

While most gaming NFTs behave like static game characters, items or objects only, our NFTs, not only serve as ownership proof, but also have their own intricate behaviors and design.

For example, the AGENT1 NFTs could just be a proof of ownership, and a ticket into the Moonlanders game. BUT in our case, it is not just the above. We have designed it to polymorph its appearance and stats, based on the owners' participation in JericVerse game and the crypto space! We also created a Code Hunter game that would affect its appearance.

This is what we mean when our NFTs is not the usual NFTs, but are intricately designed with utility.

AGENT1 as access to JericVerse

Each AGENT1 NFT serves as a Membership and Access Card to the Moonlanders.game.

Each AGENT1 NFT can be used to control or automatically run a CYBORG in the JericVerse.

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