Codehunter Game

An evergreen code hunting game that runs for generations to find

All users get to play the Codehunter Game, even if you do not hold an AGENT1. These codes can be found EVERYWHERE - from websites, social media and YouTube videos in and out of the ecosystem.

Very few can find them all.

AGENT1 holders earn CREE Minerals when playing the game. Non-holders, get to play it for fun.

Read the Codehunter Whitepaper on the AGENT1 homepage.

The Codehunter game is a smart, brain-teasing and satisfying game for everyone.

Season 1 & 2 were created by Mr. J.

Tools & SDKs are being developed such that from Season 3 onwards, the community & Agents will be able to build & contribute their own puzzles to share with the world.

!sos flare

The !sos system right now is a temporary system before the Hints System launches & upgrades it.

Everyone starts with 3 !sos they can use. For every 3 eggs they find, an extra 1 !sos is earned.

Each !sos is worth around 303 CREE Minerals at this time.

Think of !sos as a flare, use it sparingly, wisely, and make sure it is seen!

The maximum amount of !sos you can hold is capped at 11. Any unused !sos is burned.

You may trade, buy & sell your !sos at the Marketplace later.

More on the !sos feature

All Players who hunt in the Codehunter game, gets to earn CREE Minerals when cracking codes.

They also get to use the limited & temporary feature of !sos on the Discord servers when they get stuck. The !sos is a temporary feature until the Hints System is released.

!sos can only be used on the Discord server in the #general channel.

!sos is only available when an A1 Medic Mod is around, and can only be used once every 11 minutes.

When you use !sos, an available A1 Medic Mod will join you in your Coderoom. You may then ask 3 Yes-or-No questions to attempt to get hints, clues & answers to finding an Egg.

Every !sos call is logged. Every responded !sos will earn the responder (the Agent who !saved) 151 CREE Minerals, when the asking AGENT finds an Egg later.

50% goes to Treasury, 50% to the VAULT. (See

The amount of !sos used during your career is recorded, and the amount you hold, will differentiate you amongst the Top AGENT1 Codehunters.

The less you use when solving & cracking codes, the better you rank when matched against those who found the same amount of Eggs as you.

Person A who finds 10 Eggs, and used 1 !sos, will rank better than Person B who also finds 10 Eggs, but used 3 !sos.

The gap balances out as players earn more !sos with the Eggs they find. (Every 3 eggs found, earns 1 !sos for the account)

Therefore, use !sos sparingly!

You are also encouraged to discuss and get hints from fellow Agents on the #general channel.

Hints System

As an Agent, playing the Codehunter game, you will face different types of codes to crack, eggs to find. Some are easy, while others definitely require assistance from fellow Agents or the A1 Medics (Community Mods & Managers).

The new Hints System will replace the old temporary !sos, and allow you to request different types of assistance.

Assistance Option 1 - !sos "3 Yes-or-no questions"

Cost: 1 !sos

A Special medic joins you and provides clues & answers as you ask your "yes-or-no" questions. These questions must result with a "Yes" or "No" answer from the Medic assisting you. You get 3 questions, before the Medic ends the session with !saved.

Assistance Option 2 - "1 Star Hint"

Cost: 3 !sos

The Source will send you a light clue for a particular Egg # that you specify. You have a 15% chance to solve the Egg.

Assistance Option 3 - "2 Star Hint"

Cost: 5 !sos

The Source will send you a medium clue for a particular Egg # that you specify. You have a 50% chance to solve the Egg.

Assistance Option 4 - "3 Star Hint"

Cost: 9 !sos

The Source will send you a heavy clue for a particular Egg # that you specify. You have a 90% chance to solve the Egg.


50% of all transactions goes to Treasury, 50% to the VAULT. (See

All listed costs in CREE Minerals are subject to change with the market algorithm as $CREE becomes available.

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