Token Economy Chart

50% of the initial Agent1 NFT sale goes to the original dev team, as they started before partners and investors backed JericVerse, the other 50% goes to The Vault.

Other NFTs in the "Revenue" list will adhere to the chart above.

In general, our profits come from NFT sales, ad sales, investments, marketing services, entertainment & media production. We continue to shape and expand the ecosystem, to broaden sources of income, to distribute rewards to the community and to fund the treasury & reserves to run the teams & projects.

How do we keep our Reserve, Treasury & Vault safe?

Other than making transactions visible, and easy to manage using ENS domains, we also transfer funds using the following protocol.

Our current protocol manages proceeds in this manner:

Minting proceeds -> jeric.eth -> Binance or Other exchanges -> Multiple Multi-sig Wallets for The Vault

The idea is to have funds in MULTIPLE places, custodial & non-custodial wallets, cold-wallets & exchanges. There have been too many cases, on how cold & hot wallets are stolen, exchanges locking withdrawals, disappearing etc.

Therefore, the best strategy is to have funds in multiple places that can be monitored and tallied.

The addresses to the Multi-sig Wallets will be revealed at a later date, including all the various vaults, with a running tally, so everyone can keep track of the total value in The Vault for Community Rewards.

It matters to us, that the ecosystem is as fundamentally stable & safe as possible. Updated strategies we adopt will be shared here.

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