Multiple Wallets (JVM)

JericVerse, its NFTs and eco-system is the world's first platform that supports multiple wallets for an account. Players can connect multiple wallets into 1 account and enjoy the benefits of holding JericVerse NFTs across multiple wallets, and still attribute all benefits and rewards to their preferred "Main / Active" account.

We call this new feature of ours the JericVerse Multi-Wallet (JVM).

As a leader in the space, running a unique project, our NFTs also span across multiple blockchains, as a way to encourage and support all blockchain technologies as a whole.

This also future-proof the project and its users. We will never know which blockchain, will ultimately lead the way in the future. Therefore, JericVerse shall exist across multiple blockchains.

While Players can connect multiple wallets to their accounts, each wallet can only be attached to 1 Player account at anytime - Think PayPal.

PayPal allows you to use multiple credit cards for your account, however, each credit card can only be attached to 1 PayPal account at anytime.

What if one of my multiple wallet is compromised/hacked?

You will be able to login to your account, and select the wallet and set it as "Hacked". This way, the portal will only "read" from it, withdrawing/collecting tokens and NFT information from it, but NEVER write, send or allow it to run any transactions. Of course, you also have the option to totally unlink ("Remove") the wallet from your account.

No gas is required to tag or mark a wallet as "hacked or compromised".

However, to unlock or revert it, will require a transaction & fee.

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