CREE Stakeholders

We have developed a 4 Stakeholders approach to ensure that that the success of JericVerse accrues value towards the token. Therefore, we will set through smart contracts, that revenues generated through JericVerse will be distributed across 4 stakeholders to provide support to the ecosystems of creators and players as well as to provide the resources needed to grow the market and develop high quality gaming experiences.

These 4 stakeholders are (ETH/CREE wallets):

  1. VAULT Pool: Designed to ensure that revenue generated through the game accrues value to the token, and reward the Community, Users and Players.

  2. Staking Pool: Is designed to provide a yield and value to token holders. Token holders that are also active players will generate an extra yield rewarding their activity.

  3. JericVerse Treasury: This represents the $CREE that is owned by the company that comes from the proceeds of sales of company owned assets with a 11 months lock-up. The $CREE generated through this Treasury will be sold back to the market to pay operational expenses.

  4. JericVerse Reserve: This is the initial company reserve of 366.3M $CREE (11% of total Token Supply). This reserve will be fed with the proceeds of sales of company owned assets with a 7 month lock-up.

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