AGENT1, JericVerse, Moonlanders... I'm confused!

Like everything new in the Metaverse space, being confused is normal. Here's a 1 minute summary.


The ecosystem and studio bringing you the films, game & projects, founded by Jeric T. (aka Mr. J)

JericVerse can be seen as the Blizzard, Yuga Labs, Animoca, Marvel of the project.


AGENT1 is an NFT collection. But it is so much more.

It is the first NFT collection launched by JericVerse, and onboarded many newcomers into the space. Join them at our Discord and Twitter.

Your AGENT1 is not just an image. Every AGENT1 NFT is a living NFT, that has its own AI software. It evolves its visuals, animations and behaviors, based on the owner's wallet & actions.

AGENT1 is also Membership Access to the

They will power the CYBORGs that you see in the, and more. is the evergreen Metaverse GAME.

Moonlanders is the story, the first batch of Settlers to land on the Moon. is the game that you see in our trailers. It will run first on Windows, then various ports, including but not limited to Mac, Linux, mobile & even your web browsers.

You can play sub-missions on your web browsers in Q3 of 2022. Play the game here.

The core game, new missions with world-building features are scheduled to be released very soon in 2023.

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