CREE vs. CREE Minerals

What is the difference between $CREE and CREE Minerals (CM)?

The biggest difference between $CREE and CREE Minerals, is that $CREE exists on the blockchain, while CREE Minerals (CM) does not. They exists on our servers and all the CREE Machines running & calculating. You usually spend in $CREE and earn CREE Minerals.

CREE Mineral is an in-game soft currency that is earned while you play the, Codehunters, MoonPets, rent out MOONLANDs etc. While you can purchase CREE Minerals with $CREE, you cannot exchange CREE Minerals back for $CREE directly. However, you can claim valuable CREE Emitters / CREEPOUCHes, containing $CREE with your CREE Minerals at the exchange web portal.

You can also use them to buy and sell ITEMs on the JericVerse Marketplace.

These ITEMs like furnitures, skins, items are NFTs which you can then trade on the JericVerse Marketplace, OpenSea,, LooksRare or Rarible.

How does CREE Minerals determine or affect how much $CREE I get?

CREE Minerals becomes additional $CREE that can be claimed in CREE Emitters / CREEPOUCHes. The amount of additional $CREE you can get from your CREE Minerals depends on the market, and can also increase during special Events, the exchange rate fluctuates based on the market algorithm and is not fixed.

If CREE Minerals are not on the blockchain, can they be hacked?

Like anything not on the blockchain, we think they can be hacked. So while designing them, we assumed they can be hacked.

So we designed a calculatable limit on how much CREE Minerals a Player can earn every second, for every CYBORG, AGENT1 or MOONLAND NFTs that they have.

For example, MOONLAND generates 1 CREE Mineral every 2 seconds a player holds them. That value is calculated with time, and because we live by the same laws of time, we know how much CREE Mineral a player can earn by owning a MOONLAND.

With MOONLAND NFT on the blockchain, we can determine which time and date a player purchased the MOONLAND, and therefore, accurately calculate the amount of CREE Minerals he or she has generated at any target time.

With all these figures in place, if players attempt to hack, successfully or not, we can shutdown their account, and they lose all access to the game and accounts. Their wallets, and their NFTs will also be blacklisted in the JericVerse, and all known databases or exchanges.

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