MOONROVERs are one of the first machines dropped & tasked to explore and prepare the first base, Ground Zero (Ground #0), in the JericVerse (Moonlanders Metaverse). They are also a limited collection of 1,111 NFTs living on the Ethereum Blockchain. They belong to the MACHINEs family, and pre-dates the CYBORGs.

MOONLAND owners can use it to explore, run tasks to maintain their lands, while non-holders can use it to explore Ground Zero, test-running the integrated Metaverse experience. AAA-graphic multiplayer gameplay right from your browser, and on your Windows, Mac or Linux.

MOONROVER starts the story & gameplay for players to experience the start of the visual spectacle that the Moonlanders Metaverse is building.

Technology: Demonstration

Holders & non-holders (Public) get to experience how easy it is to join the JericVerse ecosystem, experience stories, and build their own worlds.

It is bleeding-edge technology and one of the world's firsts, combining web3 & multiple technologies all in one integrated platform.

GameFi: First Mission & Story

Mr. J has sent hundreds of machines including MOONROVERs to explore and find suitable flat lands on the Moon, scouting potential locations for Ground Zero. All was good until visuals & connections were disrupted.

You have been tasked to re-establish connection to the MOONROVERs, manually collecting & sending images back to Earth base (The Souls Academy). This would allow Mr. J to pinpoint the MOONROVERs' locations and attempt a remote fix, as we begin the transport & supply mission. The more activity on a land, the more resources, supplies (and buildings) will be directed to drop there.

Each Player has 11 minutes a day to play.

Explore, and when the MOONROVER finds a connection, an image is captured and sent back to Mr. J. Time limits can be extended or removed when the PC, Mac & mobile experiences unlocks.

Capture at least 3 images to complete the mission for the day. You can then check your images captured on the Moonland Terminal when you login at (a maximum of 11 images can be stored, new images will override old ones)

You may MINT up to 3 of these images as ARTIFACTs NFT later, granted all rights to them. Random traits are tagged into these NFTs during mint.

Each wallet with a MOONROVER NFT can only ever mint 3 of these MoonShots. Players will decide how many of these ARTIFACTs exist in this world.

WEB3: Free-to-own, Utility NFTs

MOONROVER NFTs are FREE mint (free to mint), limited to 1 free mint per wallet. You can purchase more in the secondary markets. There will only be a limited amount of MOONROVER NFTs, with 10% kept for the dev team.

And since we are actively developing the Game & ecosystem, you immediately profit with an NFT of increasing value. No rip-offs, no rug-pulls, since it came free.

All AGENT1 holders are whitelisted to free mint 1 before others. When public sale begins, the remaining NFTs will be open to all public wallets. AGENT1 holders get to free mint again with the public.

The MoonRover mission is tied to the Holder's wallet. You can only play the mission if you hold a MOONROVER NFT or AGENT1 NFT.

AGENT1 holders get to customize their MOONROVER NFTs. Tokens, NFTs, ITEMs collected in the can be sold & traded in the Marketplace or other secondary marketplaces like Opensea,, LooksRare.

MOONROVERs are potentially scrapped by Holders' votes, if they are listed on secondary markets for less than the Floor Price. When the vote count hits 3, the voted NFTs will turn into scrap metal parts & return to Source. This is the Desertion protocol.

All Voters' will receive an upgrade or a GEM NFT.

When 2 Scrap Metal NFTs are returned to Source, they will be merged, and a Super MOONROVER will be created into the world.

JericVerse NFTs are different. They are not just an image. They have a mix of AI, Web3 utility, GameFi capability, Metaverse compatibility & more - made adaptable for the future.

All JericVerse NFTs are Living NFTs, designed to generate tokens and/or more NFTs as you hold them. You can read more about our NFTs to understand the Living & Generative behaviors.

Floor Price, Desertion Price

The current Floor Price, Desertion Price (DP) is 0.1ETH.

When a MOONROVER NFT is listed on the secondary markets for less than the Floor Price, or as we call it, the Desertion Price (DP), it will be named & listed on for all to see. Visitors & Holders can vote to initiate the Desertion protocol for a promise broken.

The current vote count to execute the Desertion protocol is 3.

Desertion Price & vote counts can change and fluctuate with the markets, to protect the value of all Holders' NFTs & the JericVerse ecosystem in a fun & innovative way.

Desertion Protocol

Every Holder who mints a MOONROVER made a promise, to take care of the freely minted MOONROVER, and never list it for less than the Floor Price on secondary markets.

The penalty for breaking the promise, is to be named & listed, and be put up for a vote by all other Holders.

When Holders successfully vote to carry out the Desertion Protocol, the voted MOONROVER NFT will be scrapped, turned into Scrap Metal NFTs, and returned to The Source (wallet).

All Voters' will:

  1. Receive an upgrade to a random MOONROVER NFT in their wallets,

  2. *OR* Receive a GEM NFT, that they can manually use for upgrading & more.

As secondary markets such as OpenSea, and LooksRare continue to change their fees, APIs and strategies, we create our own protocols to protect our projects' value.

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