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There are many strategies to use in the Polymorph Project, and ultimately depends on your personal goals. You can treat your AGENT1s like any other PFP/image projects, or involve yourself with its generative mechanics.

Theoretically, the AGENT1 Polymorph Project can last forever, or as short as 101 days. A good mix of Revealed and Unrevealed AGENT1s can provide good insurance to keeping the art & tech project running.

Key points & rules:

  • The world's last expiring Revealed AGENT1 (LERA) determines whether all Unrevealed AGENT1s can continue to extend their "Upgrade Date" upon expiry.

  • When the LERA's "Upgrade date" has reached or expired, all Unrevealed AGENT1s no longer auto-extend their "Upgrade Date".

  • When the world's LERA reaches its "Upgrade Date", The Apocalyse event triggers. This is when The Source shuts down. The AGENT1 Polymorph Project goes into snapshot mode. All images, traits, URI, metadata of AGENT1 NFTs will be frozen into the blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

    • Only the polymorphic features of the AGENT1 NFT project freezes.

    • All other products & content of JericVerse continue to run as usual., JericVerse, Code Hunter and other features will continue to run.

  • The LERA's "Upgrade Date" can be extended by:

    • Being the initiator of a Merge (Initiators are kept)

    • Being a Merge target (Targets are burned & returned to The Source)

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