MOONROVER Traits & More

Free Mint Definition

The MoonRovers were FREE mint. AGENT1 holders could mint up to 2.

To prevent claim and vote abuse, 0.001ETH is added to the gas cost for these actions.

NFT Traits


Arts, Philosophy, Science or The Ark. This trait affects gameplay, rewards and story.

"The Ark" is rare.

System Tier

1 to 5 Stars. 5 Stars maximum. You can manually use Upgrades to increase stats & System Tier. Every 5 Upgrades will gain your MoonRover 1 star.

You earn Upgrades by keeping your MoonRover in the Developing state, or participating in the voting of Deserters.

3 or more Stars are rare.


Affects the visual of your NFT. When an AGENT1 is installed or used with the MoonRover, it will affect the visuals of your machines in the / MoonRover Alpha gameplay.

With an AGENT1, more customization options becomes available.

Some are rarer than others.


Affects MoonRover behavior and rewards for your JericVerse world-building journey.

"Woke" is rare.


Rare MoonRovers sometimes hold a GEM within them.

GEM is very rare.


A Machine type. There will be surprises.

"Hovercraft" is rare.


Developing, Available or Impounded. Reveals the current status of the MoonRover and its NFT. This is also a status that protects future buyers.

A Developing MoonRover is active, and can earn random upgrades & visual changes. Holders receive notifications about these upgrades when they visit the Moonland Terminal at

To keep MOONROVERs in the Developing state, the holder must:

  • Have played MoonRover/Moonlander within the last 7 days.

  • *OR* have tweeted with hashtag #AgentsUnite, or tagged @Agent1XYZ in the last 7 days.

When a MOONROVER has not been active for more than 7 days, the MoonRover enters the "Available" (or idle) state.

Impounded MOONROVERs are those that have been successfully voted due to the Desertion Protocol.

Character / Names

Affects visuals, gameplay and story. Trait reveals when all MOONROVERs are revealed.

Some are rarer than others.

More information about Traits

These will be revealed along with Game updates, drops and Event unlocks.

All JericVerse NFTs have fun rewarding utilities, designed to be evergreen and last into the future.

They grow with you, as you journey in the JericVerse ecosystem.

Enjoy the ride. There will be surprises.

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