Top 100 Holders & Wallets

What rewards & privileges do our Top holders get?

Our system is designed to reward Top 100 Holders, Officers and early holders of JericVerse's projects & its collectibles (NFTs and non-NFTs).

The live list of Top 1000 holders can be found here.

We believe it is necessary to reward the biggest supporters of our projects. We build together, rise together.

You can also view if you are on the Top 100 Holders list in the User Menus on or the AGENT1 website after connecting your wallet.

Rewards & Privileges

The following is just some of the benefits for being the Top 100 Holders of JericVerse projects (i.e. NFTs, art, music, films & games). This list is constantly updated.

  • FREE Mints, FREE merch, more rewards.

  • Access to Officer & VIP Lounge.

  • Early-Access to first-hand information and upcoming drops.

  • Early-Access to alpha versions and new features.

  • Whitelist and Special discounts.

  • Full or unlimited access to Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.


  • Top 100 Holders can mint 3 MOONLANDs before others. They have also created pre-orders for the public to collect. These LANDs are token-generating, allows collection of rent from other users, and are Living NFTs that reflect all land-based NFTs that you own.

Update Timing

The ecosystem updates the Top 100 Holders ranking internally once a day.

While the live list reflects the current standing, the system will start rewarding within 24 hours of any changes.

If you have just collected and joined the Top 100 Holders, your rewards will start accumulating within 24 hours.

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