Art, Music, Film & Story

While JericVerse is the Metaverse that Mr. J has created, Moonlanders is the game that runs and tells the story.
Moonlanders is an artistic, evolving, evergreen Metaverse game. It is not a shooter, nor a MOBA.
It aims to be a chill, simple, and rewarding blockchain game, filled with beautiful art & stories. You can play it casually or competitively, the choice is yours.
You can be as involved (or uninvolved!) in the game, as it is designed to be non-complex. You unlock and build the Metaverse yourself or with others.
"We build together, rise together" is the motto. #AgentsUnite.
You start as either software (AGENT1) or hardware (CYBORG), and are part of the story as you play, earn, and shape the Moonlanders Metaverse.
Mr. J started the Moonlanders project.
Mr. J created the first polymorphing artificial intelligence, AGENT1. Part of NFT crypto history. Its final purpose is to control the CYBORGs for the Moonlanders Project.
AGENT1 + CYBORGs , the first prototypes by Mr. J