$CREE is the utility token used throughout the JericVerse ecosystem as the basis of transactions and interactions. It is an ERC-20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It will be used across the ecosystem by gamers, miners and developers allowing Creators and Players to exchange MOONLANDs and build a user-based platform of rewards while developing an ecosystem where Creators and Players will explore and build the Moonland Metaverse. User generated digital NFTs are represented as ERC-1155 tokens. To ensure the everlasting scarcity and verifiable scarcity of non-fungible items, we use the ERC-1155 token standard. This standard allows a smart contract to track token-ownership at the individual token level: each item has a unique identifier and, optionally, unique properties stored as metadata.

$CREE Summary:

  • total supply: 3,330,000,000

  • initial pool:

    • 54,300,000 for initial market sales

    • 366,300,000 to Company Reserves

    • 233,100,000 to Creator

  • how it’s burnt: no plans to burn

  • how it’s used: See Whitepaper

  • how it’s distributed: See Whitepaper

$CREE cannot be purchased from JericVerse Game Developers. The JericVerse Game Developers do not provide or intend to provide a secondary marketplace for $CREE.

How are $CREE minted?

$CREE is only minted when there is insufficient tokens in the VAULT for distribution, or when exchange circulation requires, thus keeping the value of $CREE high, and without excess.

Every day, a MAXIMUM of 1,810,000 $CREE is minted and distributed when users claim their $CREE or CREEPOUCH from the web portal. This limit resets at 0303 UTC daily.

This value is based on 10,001 Agent1s + 10,001 Cyborgs (101 models, 99 variations each) + 189,700 Moonlands + 1,001 CREE Machines (US$7,700 each);

All having been minted - or else, the amount of $CREE minted & distributed each day will be less.

In the case when all NFTs have been minted, and all Players are withdrawing $CREE everyday, then it will take 4 natural years to mint all $CREE.


All players who own any JericVerse NFTs (i.e. Agent1, CYBORG & MOONLAND), can claim a CREEPOUCH (ERC721) to receive and withdraw their free $CREE. A CREEPOUCH is available on your Web Portal, for you to claim as soon as you start collecting CREE MINERALs or $CREE in the game.

CREE MINERALs can be gathered by owning & holding Agent1s, CYBORGs, MOONLANDs, CREE MACHINEs. You can also collect them in the Moonlanders game by exploring.

You can see the amount of $CREE available inside a CREEPOUCH before claiming. This figure continues to grow and is determined by the amount of NFTs you hold, how long you hold them, the amount of CREE MINERALs you have gathered, and the amount of $CREE you have earned from gameplay (i.e. buy, sell, rent MOONLAND etc)

The CREEPOUCH NFT is minted when you claim it for the first time. Once claimed & minted, the $CREE amount in it becomes fixed, and the CREEPOUCH is sent to your wallet.

You can own multiple CREEPOUCHes but at any time, only 1 CREEPOUCH will be available for claiming on the Web Portal, as $CREE grows in it.

All $CREE within a CREEPOUCH unlocks at a constant rate over 4 years. The more $CREE in the CREEPOUCH, the more $CREE that can be withdrawn per second.

Early Agent1 holders and CREEPOUCH

Early adopters of Agent1 will receive a CREEPOUCH containing more than usual $CREE, calculated by the amount of Agent1s they have held in their wallet over time. The CREEPOUCH is also an NFT that is minted when the player claims it for the first time.

The more Agent1 NFTs, the more $CREE you find inside your CREEPOUCH.

These early Agent1 holders' CREEPOUCH will have 10,001 $CREE that are immediately accessible for withdrawal, while the rest, determined by how many Agent1 NFTs and how long it was held, will unlock at a constant rate over 4 years.

Players can claim any $CREE that has been unlocked in their CREEPOUCH, or trade their CREEPOUCH containing $CREE inside at anytime on any marketplaces, i.e. JericVerse Market, OpenSea, LooksRare etc.


Players will be able to earn CREE Minerals while playing with Agent1 NFTs. They can also collect CREE Minerals while exploring on the Moonlanders game with CYBORGs. By finding Codes, hunting for Treasures and completing Quests, they can win $CREE.

Paying an Entry Fee to join Events, view Galleries & Concerts, they can participate in competitive games such as Race, and other mini-games. Winner takes all winnings in the Prize Pool. The Organizer or Collector may take a % or excess profits from the Entry Fees collected.

By participating in Events, their Agent1 and CYBORG stats will be boosted.

$CREE Tipping allows Players to send $CREE to friends, streamers or anyone in the JericVerse ecosystem they like.


These player types play the Moonland Game like Monopoly, mogul or Sim City. They get to see an overview of the Moonlanders Game.

They earn $CREE by renting, selling and staking their MOONLANDs.

CREE Minerals are automatically collected holding MOONLANDs. These CREE Minerals becomes additional $CREE that can be claimed in CREEPOUCHes. The amount of additional $CREE you can get from your CREE Minerals depends on the market, and can also increase during special Events.

By combining multiple MOONLANDs to form Mooncities and Moontowns, players can earn more $CREE through taxes (Player visits, landings, passing-by), and increased CREE Mineral generation.


Launch Events with starting Prize Pools using their own $CREE, and keep the excess earnings, or collect Entry Fees as Prize Pool, and take a % for organizing a successful Event.

In-Game Purchases: Organizers/Collectors will be able to set up many different monetization systems that will let them charge players $CREE for exclusive content. These monetization techniques range from item purchases to stat boosters, subscriptions, or even entry fees to the Events/Galleries/Concerts itself;

Crowdfunded Requests: We shall enable a section of the marketplace that allows individuals and groups of users to request a certain type of ITEM, MUSIC or ART in exchange for a payment of $CREE, contributed by all the requesters.


ITEM Sales Revenue: Artists will be able to sell their ITEMs, MUSIC or ART in the marketplace, receiving 100% of the $CREE price of the ITEM;

Creators Fund: At the first stages of the ecosystem, we will have a rewards program to incentivize Artists to fill the marketplace with amazing ITEMs and in return be rewarded with a generous sum of $CREE tokens;

Art Challenges: We intend to keep a community-centered focus towards the marketplace, and with that in mind we decided that we will hold art challenges in which Artists will be able to upload one of their ITEM, MUSIC or ART for the possibility to win a prize pool of $CREE tokens if their ITEM received the most votes from the community.


CREE MACHINE is designed to confirm and monitor transactions on the JericVerse ecosystem. In return, the owner of the CREE MACHINE is rewarded with $CREE and CREE Minerals.

The experience for the players who choose to buy and run a CREE MACHINE NFT will feel like personally running an exchange, enjoying a staking experience or running a mining rig.

The CREE MACHINE NFT allows the holder to access special areas on the Moonland Terminal to view current performance, $CREE earned, statistics on the various transactions happening in the JericVerse ecosystem.

Players can claim additional $CREE from their CREEPOUCH via the Web Portal.

CREE MACHINE holders (and business owners) get to join a VIP group/lounge, allowing them to connect & make use of our Web3 Dev team, SDKs & APIs to help build their own community projects, start new businesses or tie with their existing businesses (i.e. to add innovative, and fun Web3 experiences for their real-life business & customers)

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