Find out what CITIEs are in JericVerse and what you can do with them.


A MOONCITY is a special kind of MOONTOWN that is owned by three or more people, merging their TOWNs into 1 big CITY.

MOONCITY owners will be entitled to special governance rules which will affect all the experiences that are built within the CITY, such as tax. This will be done via decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). It will allow MOONLAND owners with a shared vision or project to be able to collaborate and build the experience together.

What are the requirements for a MOONTOWN to become part of a MOONCITY?

  • The MOONTOWNs must be adjacent to each other.

  • Each MOONCITY must have a minimum of three unique owners.

  • Each owner will need to stake a certain amount of $CREE.

  • MOONCITY approvals will be submitted to a vote.

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