What do you get with AGENT1s?

Find out what you are getting when you hold an Agent1 in your wallet

By holding an Agent1 NFT, you get:

  • a unique NFT token

  • a Membership / Access to JericVerse

  • a Visual that morphs & generates, with your trade, wallet and actions in the NFT space.

  • Earn and generate $CREE & CREE Minerals


Utility wise:

  • Full commercial rights to your AGENT1 and its derivatives

  • While new visuals are constantly generated, you also gain access to tools & SDKs to generate artworks for your own NFTs and custom ITEMs

  • Where there are 3D models, you will receive the 3D files.

  • Take part in events & competitions with your artwork in the Creator Challenges #A1-Creations

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