List of APIs/SDKs

AGENT1 API (A1API) - (Public)



PETS SDK (Private)


If you're a developer, there are two ways you can join the ecosystem, General or Advanced.

General Developer

Anyone can use the public APIs and build their own websites, dashboards, guides and anything related to the JericVerse ecosystem.

If you would like to receive rewards, bonuses in the form of ETH / $CREE, you can apply for your work to be reviewed.

To apply, simply email:

Our team will review and plug your website or application into the ecosystem. You will start receiving rewards and bonuses in the form of ETH / $CREE.

Advanced Developer

You will have to collect 1 of the 11 Creator GEMs, this GEM will give you additional rewards from all other 11 developers' websites.

You also gain access to private APIs/SDKs, and get to contribute to the development of the core API/SDKs.

Automatic Listing

As part of our evergreen rewarding project, our systems automatically detect API use/calls and will list your applications below. If this is not what you want (you do not want to be listed), please email to request delisting.

List of detected/known community applications

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