Things that were said or discovered

"The World Simulation runs in parallel for your AGENT1 during a CREE Minerals transfer. Your AGENT1 learns and can discover new eggs/knowledge during the trip." - Mr. J

"Based on historical data, there is a 22% chance that CREE Minerals will be stolen by the RA during a transfer from the Moon. " - The Oracle

"Not all is lost when an RA strikes. The hacker distributes the stolen CREE Minerals among the Top AGENT1. Giving more to those who hold more AGENT1s, found more eggs, codes or knowledge. Your AGENT1 may recover them during the transfer trip." - The Oracle

"To prepare, protect and preserve." - Mr. J

"The Moon is the ultimate sanctuary, the safest place to preserve human history, artifacts and art." - Mr. J

"Fellow humans are going to come, one way or another. But we must be there first." - Mr. J

"The ignorance and violence are unrelenting. We must find a way to preserve the tapestry of our history and arts, for they are the very essence of our shared humanity." - Mr. J

"From the dawn of human existence, the notion of an impending apocalypse has haunted human societies. If this fate is truly inevitable, then the only question that matters is... What shall we leave behind?" - Mr. J

"There is no perfect banking or financial system, but the most dynamic and adaptable ones. It should be influenced by the people, and for the future." - Mr. J

"Getting is human nature, but letting go is a life lesson." - Mr. J

"You didn't get to choose how you came into this world. But you can choose how you leave it." - Mr. J

"Evolving smarter, stronger, and taller counts for little if we fail to evolve kinder. Without kindness, our evolution is not progress; it's a regression into darkness." - Mr. J

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