GEMs & Upgrades
Rare GEMs that upgrades your NFTs' traits & rarity
GEMs are valuable and increases rarity to ANYTHING that houses them.
Most GEMs are simply rare & valuable, but some are superrare, providing bonus features, functions & upgrades in them.
All GEMs can be added to all NFTs in the JericVerse ecosystem. This includes, but not limited to, AGENT1, CYBORG, MOONLAND, CREEPOUCH, ART, CREE MACHINE etc.
Each NFT has the same 3 traits: STR, AGI and INT. Therefore, GEMs can be slotted into them to upgrade these traits.
A GEM seen in the Strength (STR) slot of an NFT.
A maximum of 5 GEMs can be added into each "slot/trait".
All GEMs improves your NFTs, but some, improves them better when placed in the right slot, with the right NFTs, and mixed with the right GEMs. You may simply throw GEMs into an NFT and enjoy mindless upgrade, or meticulously, mix-n-match for the perfect results.
Most GEMs can simply be added or slotted into your NFTs, but some requires you to "burn" them to use.

Dream GEMs

These GEMs are the first GEMs to appear in the JericVerse. They are ARTIFACTs. Read more at the launch page below.
Agent1 | Gem Artifacts - The Morphing NFT MetaVerse Game
Dream GEM ARTIFACTs revealed.
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