The Backdoor

The Backdoor is a software application crafted by Mr. J, and can be accessed by AGENT1 holders at

It is the application you use to:

  • Reveal the Unrevealed AGENT1s you own

  • View traits & characteristics of your AGENT1

  • View images, stories & Animation your AGENT1 has generated for you

  • Start a Polymorph for your AGENT1 connected to you

  • Upgrade or modify your AGENT1s

You can attach GEMs to your AGENT1 to affect its traits, and visual generative behaviors.

Some GEMs can be attached, removed, shifted around.

Other GEMs, such as the Dream GEMs, can only be burned & infused.

You can read more about Dream GEMs here.

The Backdoor exposes tools your AGENT1 provides you, and things you can do or work with them.

Known compatibility issues

Here is a list of softwares, browser extensions and firewalls then may affect your Backdoor experience:

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