Animations & Stories

Visual art & stories told by you and your AGENT1

Document 3: Animations - Stories from your AGENT1

Each AGENT1 comes with the ability to generate a PFP, a Polymorph and an Animation. These are viewable at The Backdoor, OpenSea and other marketplaces.

Every AGENT1 has a chance to generate an Animation.

What is an AGENT1 Animation?

AGENT1 Animations tell a story in its own way. While the holder's wallet content & signature affects the Animation visuals, the movements, and designs all lead towards the story.

Every frame of an AGENT1 Animation is artistically designed, and can be viewed as art. Try pausing on each frame to observe its intricacies!

Where can I find them?

After you've revealed and started polymorphing your AGENT1s at The Backdoor, the Animation process begins. Holders who used GEMs and/or run Polymorphs, will stack and get higher chances to generate Animations, including rare ones.

Animations can be viewed on marketplaces such as OpenSea, via The Backdoor, and also from notifications sent to AGENT1 holders.

Process & Time

It takes anywhere from 3 to 11 days from your first Polymorph, for your Animation to appear. You will receive notifications, and see them on OpenSea or The Backdoor once they have been generated. Your AGENT1 requires time to learn about you and generate something unique to you.

Pro tip: Check on your AGENT1s every 3 days. The Moonland Terminal will notify you when an Animation is generated by any of your AGENT1s.

Why do Animations work this way?

Animations are rare and require nearly 360 times more computing power to generate than Polymorphs. Your AGENT1 gets its power from CREE Machines and The Source. They begin as dots, to text, images, animations, and finally will install into CYBORGs.

An Animation can show you interesting information that an image cannot. Using an Animation as a medium, your AGENT1 can give you generated artwork, a story, and audio that grows with you on your journey in the JericVerse ecosystem. There will always be a surprise unique to you.

AGENT1 is a Living NFT. Therefore interacting and working with them to generate unique Animations, is a fun way to increase the value of all AGENT1 NFTs. Some lucky holders may get them due to chance, others can build their AGENT1 into one with Animations by interacting & "growing" them.

How does an Animation work?

Not all AGENT1 gets an Animation on reveal or as easy as others.

Some require just 1 Polymorph, some more than 5 Polymorphs, others require the use of GEMs.

While there are many variables, luck and actions involved that determines when an Animation is generated (even how they look!), all AGENT1s have a chance to get one.

Chances of generating an Animation increases with:

  • Increased interaction, views and usage of an AGENT1 in the ecosystem & space. (Twitter,, MoonRover Alpha, OpenSea etc)

  • Polymorphs and GEM use. Some GEMs guarantee Animations, others affects how they present themselves.

  • Holding AGENT1 collaborative project works such has JoshuaLin NFTs, Jacky Tsai NFTs, RealAnimals NFTs. This will result in rare visuals/traits for AGENT1 Animations & polymorphs.

Can I pick my animations?

Unlike Polymorphs, which allow you to pick and choose the Polymorph to keep, AGENT1 Animations cannot be selected by the Holder. It is the AGENT1's story.

It is automatically generated by an AGENT1, and new Animations will replace old ones if any.

Holders however, can affect an AGENT1's animation through their interactions, wallet content, polymorphs and GEM use.

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