ARTIFACTS are special ITEMs that changes the game

Very limited, invite-only, event-only NFTs uniquely designed by Mr. J as he lives & build JericVerse.

The NFTs created are usually tied to major events or development in the history & story of the project, providing a historical value when collected. People will know you were there when JericVerse was built. It is a way to reward OGs, early supporters, and also allows the community to build & expand the game together.

For example, the 111 Moonland Deed ARTIFACTs were selected & minted by the Top 100 Agent1 holders April/May 2022. They helped to create their selections into the world.

Generally, ARTIFACTs can be seen to be similar to ITEMs that all users can create.

However, ARTIFACTs usually contains ground-breaking functions that expands the game, releasing new features, in accordance to the storyline & design.

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