More about Desertion Protocol

While we continuously build the Metaverse game & JericVerse ecosystem, the community gets to participate in protecting the value of our NFTs in a fun and rewarding way.

The Desertion Protocol is executed when a MoonRover is listed on the secondary markets for less than the Desertion Price (DP) or Floor Price.

All votes are actions, captured and written on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, they are transparent and permanent.

When sufficient votes are collected, the protocol will execute instantly or be scheduled for later, depending on various factors such as current listed price, current location, market places, current holder and an algorithm observing the offending MOONROVER NFT.

Summary & Rewards

Every Holder who mints a MOONROVER made a promise, to take care of the freely minted MOONROVER, and never list it for less than the Desertion Price (DP) or Floor Price on secondary markets.

The penalty for breaking the promise, is to be named & listed, and be put up for a vote by all other Holders.

When Holders successfully vote to carry out the Desertion Protocol, the voted MOONROVER NFT will be scrapped, turned into Scrap Metal NFTs, and returned to The Source (wallet).

All Voters' will:

  1. Receive an upgrade to a random MOONROVER NFT in their wallets,

  2. *OR* Receive a GEM NFT, that they can manually use for upgrading & more.

The participant who reported the MoonRover will also receive rewards when the Vote is a success.

How does a MoonRover NFT get branded or listed as a Deserter for Voting?

As of 2022/09/20, the community looks for MoonRovers who break the rules, and vote to list them.

On our Discord server, Agents can enter the command: !reportrover moonrover_token_id

When that happens, the system will analyze the MoonRover and if all criterias are met in the Desertion Protocol, the listing will be announced on the Moonland Terminal and Discord automatically.

The community can then cast their vote on the Moonland Terminal.

This is another step towards a community-driven, evergreen system. The Desertion Protocol is fully automated.

Fluctuating Floor price, Desertion Protocol prices

The Desertion Protocol uses an algorithm to determine the various prices, in line with the goal to increase our NFT value, and to improve the experience for our community & ecosystem.

You will be able to see and determine the fluctuating numbers here on the Whitepaper, on the website, the Moonland Terminal and also when taking certain actions.

Why do some actions, including Voting, require gas and fees?

All actions that work or affect the blockchain requires ETH or $CREE. Some actions like minting, transfer, and other complex actions will require more.

Certain in-game and/or non-blockchain actions can be done with the soft currency, CREE Minerals.

Action prices are usually priced close to current Gas prices.

The Voting action, for example starts from a low cost of 0.001ETH, and can go up to 0.005ETH.

This is correlated with allocated rewards/upgrades during the Voting event. Usually, the higher cost, the better the allocated reward and/or results.

Always check latest pricing, and execute when the price is right for you. Double-check before accepting any transactions on your Metamask / Wallet.

These prices are used to support the ecosystem and rewards for participants.

What happens if The Vote is successful but the Owner cancels listing or the MoonRover is sold?

The protocol will NOT be executed.

The new Buyer is protected. The Owner/Holder will not be penalized.

All on-going/partial/successful Votes will be moved to the next offending MoonRover put up for a community vote.

All successful & pending Upgrades will still be valid.

Can I get my MOONROVER NFT back, if the Desertion Protocol is executed?

Yes, but ONLY before the MOONROVER NFT has been turned into Scrapped Metal Parts NFT at the Impound.

This happens around 72 hours after Desertion Protocol is successfully voted & executed on the MOONROVER NFT. A countdown will be displayed for the MOONROVER NFT.

To reclaim a MOONROVER NFT (for the Deserter or Offending Holder) requires a Penalty Fee, as compensation to the community & ecosystem, and for a promise, broken.

The Penalty Fee is currently calculated by the following formula:

Penalty Fee = Number of Votes x Vote Price x 2 (excluding Gas fees).

Why is the Desertion Protocol designed this way?

The Desertion Protocol is a fun way to get the community involved to get more friends & public into the ecosystem, allow anyone to own a free mint NFT, and also protects & increase the value of our NFTs, all at the same time.

NFT drops from the JericVerse projects are not just image or PFP NFT projects. Even with beautiful art concepts, we want our holders to be able to interact with them more than just simply holding them in their wallets.

As secondary markets such as OpenSea, and LooksRare continue to change their fees, APIs and strategies, we create our own protocols to protect our projects' value.

Our NFTs come with fun utility & increasing value, based around evolving Web 3 technologies, and fit our evergreen, sustainable vision.

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