How can I get MOONLAND?

Top 100 Agent1 NFT holders can pick and buy up to 3 x MOONLAND NFTs before others.
Snapshot will be taken of top holders currently viewable at:
They will be informed, invited before public release.

Do I need MOONLAND to play the game?

Yes and no. Without your own MOONLAND, you will be playing (visiting) on others' MOONLANDs. They get to set the landscape, rules & experiences for you.
To fully experience & create your own worlds, you need at least 1 MOONLAND.
Players without MOONLANDs will be able to access and play on random Public MOONLANDs (i.e. MOONLANDs that owners have set to be accessible & open to the public to visit)
When players visit others' MOONLANDs, they will be generating $CREE or CREE Minerals for the MOONLAND owners.
How a MOONLAND is gridded, boxxed and displayed in the Moonlanders Metaverse game.