Development processes

While the core parts of our project are 100% decentralized, other features will be progressively decentralized as we develop.

This allows the JericVerse ecosystem to grow and move effectively, run tests, and work towards a smooth and safe experience for all Users.

Community & Credits

We love our project and the Community that has gathered for Mr. J's work. Thus, we enjoy giving due credit wherever possible.

So keep sharing your ideas on Discord or Twitter, and don't be surprised when you see your name appear with related new features, no matter how big or small your participation was!

We build, grow & make history together.

Innovations, tools & evergreen fun

Since our first AGENT1 NFT collection drop, innovative & original utilities have been released throughout the project, leading to reveal.

This culture will continue, as seen with development updates dropping weekly.

Feel safe when you join us & continue to expect the latest and newest value-adding experience in the space, as we grow together.

While we build innovative systems, SDKS & kits, we will also adopt tools & standards that are already available, so everyone can come together, create and build without barriers.

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