What is a MOONLAND?

Find out what a Moonland is in JericVerse.

A MOONLAND is a digital piece of real-estate in JericVerse. We work hard to make a 1:1 accurate depiction of the Moon surface. Players buy MOONLAND to own them, build on them or rent them out. It is also used for mining CREE Minerals in the game. You can open your MOONLAND to the public, or keep it private to yourself or to VIPs only. You can populate it with Homes, furnitures, ITEMs, Themeparks & Pets.

Each MOONLAND is a unique, non-fungible ERC-721 token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. With the Moon having 37.94 million square kilometers surface area, we created a total of 189,700 MOONLANDs of 1x1km, at a ratio of 1:200, to accurately reflect its size.

Multiple MOONLANDs can be combined to form MOONTOWNs. Multiple TOWNs, owned by more than two persons, can be combined to form a CITY (or MOONCITIES in plural).

More info

MOONLANDs can be accessed through a virtual map on the Moonlanders.game website, known as the Landfinder.

The proximity of MOONLANDs to large partners and other key locations will play a role in the gameplay, visitor counts, economy & visibility of the MOONLANDs.

MOONLANDs can also be combined into larger MOONTOWNs, as long as they are adjacent. Alternatively, MOONTOWNs can be split into smaller MOONLANDs.

20,867 pieces of MOONLANDs (11% of all MOONLANDs) is held by the JericVerse ecosystem to hold special events. Another 20,867 pieces of MOONLANDs (11% of all MOONLANDs), is held in a reserve and distributed to partners, creators, and gamers as rewards.

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