Community Managers (Medics)

Medics from the AGENT1 project are Community Managers selected from the community.

They are free to do anything to help support the community and grow the project. They receive early access to some parts of the project. The Medic bonus is a reward that the project gives to Medics & volunteers. It is not a guaranteed payment or compensation. The amount given is automatically calculated monthly, based on an algorithm that includes (and not limited to) factors such as ETH market & prices, Twitter growth & activity, Discord community growth & activity, project sales, and the Medic’s performance and activity.

Rewards can be in ETH, USDT, $CREE or CREE Minerals and/or a combination of all the above.

When the CREE Bank / CREE Refinery opens, users & Medics can check and claim their automated rewards at their own time & targets.

Medic Guideline

The following is a simple guideline for the Medic role:

  • Be kind

  • Keep the good vibe

  • Support the project, the community & its users - new & old.

How to apply for Community Manager, Medic or positions?

If you think you have something to offer and can follow the simple rules & guidelines,

Use this form here:

If you are selected, you will be given the role, Probation Medic, where you can start supporting the community & project. Probation lasts 1 month, and other Medics will vote for your promotion.

Limited resources, limited positions

As resources are limited in the ecosystem, there will only be 11 Medic positions available for the community to take up.

Each Medic receives bonuses for supporting the community & project.

As the Medic position is not permanent and is open to the community & volunteers, the system reserve all rights to remove bonuses, roles or privileges at its discretion.

Picked & voted by the Community

An anonymous voting system takes place monthly, allowing each Medic 3 votes to compliment and vote for other Medics (and Probation Medics) they think are doing a good job for the community & project. Only Medics can take part in the anonymous voting.

The votes are anonymous, and tallied by the system.

All Medics (and Probation Medics) will be ranked by these votes.

The Top 5 Medics (Rank 1 to 5), from the votes, will receive additional bonus.

Rank 6 to 8 receive the usual bonus, while Rank 9 to 11, receives no bonus.

Medics who fall into Rank 9 to 11, 2 months in a row, will be demoted (Medic role removed) and go back to probation for 1 month (Probation Medic).

Medics who fall into Rank 9 to 11, 3 times in 6 months will also be demoted (Medic role removed), back to probation for 1 month (Probation Medic).

Probation Medics are also subject to the voting system. If they Rank 9 to 11, they will not be promoted to Medic. Their Medic and Probation Medic roles will removed, effectively opening up positions for new Medics to join.

Medics should use their votes wisely, as it determines who receives bonuses, and who take care of the community & project to build. The project's goal is to be evergreen - therefore, every vote counts towards that.

The system is automated and behaves according to the table below

Number of MedicsReceives Extra BonusDemotedVotes Avail.


Top 1-5

Rank 9-11



Top 1-4

Rank 7-8



Top 1-3

Rank 5


The system reserve all rights to update the Medic and Community Manager guidelines at its discretion.

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