MoonMafia (Mini-Game)

The MoonMafia game is a simple strategy game - Attack or Defend game. It is also where the Entanglement takes place, where Guild members are all connected as one.

As a Guild expands, in terms of number of Members and properties owned, its Security Level will reduce. Guild Leaders get to vote every 3 days, to Secure or Attack (another Guild).

All gains and losses in this mini-game involves only the bonus staking rewards $CREE of the Guild, and not the total staked $CREE when creating a Guild or joining one. Therefore your initial staked $CREE in the Guild is safe and untouched.


Costs 3% of staking rewards $CREE in the Guild. Adds +1 Security Level for the Guild.


Costs 3% of staking rewards $CREE in the Guild. Reduces -1 Security Level for the target Guild.

When attacking a Guild with Security Level 0, the attacker steals 3% of staking rewards $CREE from the victim/target Guild.

Season Bonus

At the end of each season, the Top Guild on the Global Guilds ranking receives an additional 11% of their staking rewards, an extra $CREE bonus. Being the biggest, strongest Guild has its benefits and problems - you stand to gain more but you are also a bigger target to many.

Look out for the Protection Fee system where MOONLAND owners get to choose the MoonMafia to protect them.

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