Our Promises

While the landscape in DeFi projects is ever-changing, recent projects have started to provide no roadmap, as a way to protect themselves.

We, however, have had a roadmap from the beginning, have delivered based on it, and development continues.

Value of our project collections, is always of utmost importance and priority. All feature releases are designed to add value to them.

Track Record

Our track records have shown that we deliver quality content. This is why the AGENT1 community love us, this is how we are different. The culture will continue.

There have been many profitable resales, with some as high as 50 times mint price. Our floor prices have also held for many months organically despite the fluctuating markets.

Reward the supportive & deserving

While everyone earns rewards here, the ecosystem is designed to reward helpers, loyal supporters and deserving collectors more.

Top 100 collectors in the ecosystem, will always get early access, free mints, and more rewards than others. It is critical for us to reward the OGs, early collectors and loyal supporters more, to build an evergreen ecosystem.

Every collector gets an incentive in the system and also for any following drops, they are designed with synergies in mind.

Activity & Engagement

While the system does reward activity & engagement, we also care for those with limited time. That's why you can join a Guild to let a leader you trust, make ecosystem decisions for you, while earning rewards when you are not active.

Loyalty is scarce and hard in modern days, especially in the crypto space, that is why our loyal collectors will receive double the rewards and more.

We are backed by listed companies (i.e. iCandy.io), and also under NDAs & legal obligations with some of our work. Information cannot be shared until finalized, confirmed or ready.

Active development / Changelogs

Our active development work, changelogs can always be found here:

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