Polymorph & Stat Upgrade

Document 2: Polymorph - Growing your AGENT1 Visually

What is a Polymorph?

A Polymorph Run is a process that Holders can start, for any AGENT1s that they hold. They do this at The Backdoor.

The AGENT1 NFT will generate bespoke visuals for them, based on their Owners' activity on the blockchain, and wallet contents.

Every Revealed AGENT1s can Polymorph up to 5 times.

Each Polymorph Run by you, the Owner:

  • Gives you 11 (base number) to 33 Tries to generate Polymorph visuals for your AGENT1. Each try gives you 3 visuals to choose from.

  • Starts a new visual generation process for the AGENT1 NFT.

  • Increases random base stats for the AGENT1 NFT for a total of 11 points (up to 33, according to base number)

    • This is dependent on the amount of Discards / Regenerations the Owner chooses to do during a Polymorph Run.

    • 11 Tries is a fluctuating figure (up to 33) and will change when more computing power / CREE Machines are available (unlocked by future events). It is safe to assume the number to be between 11 and 33 at this time.

  • Decreases the “Polymorphs Left” value, which has a maximum value of 5.

Current Polymorph Tier: Tier 1 (11 Tries)

When The Backdoor opens (Reveal phase), all polymorphs are Tier 1 (11 Tries). As events unfold/appear, Tier 2 (22 Tries), Tier 3 (33 Tries) will unlock when criteria are met (community unlock, CREE Machines etc)

What about Owners' privacy?

No private information is exposed, all data points used are already publicly available on the blockchain. Owners' get to choose what Polymorph visuals are displayed to the world.

By seeing what your AGENT1 sees, you get to learn what others' know about you in the space.

It's our way of raising awareness to the benefits & dangers in the crypto space.

Check with the community at our Discord servers whenever in doubt. Stay safe! #AgentsUnite

How many visuals can I get?

Every Polymorph Run can generate anywhere from 33 to 99 visual/images (based on the Polymorph Tier, 1 to 3, the project is in)

If you choose to accept a Polymorph in all of your 5 runs, that means you would have generated 165 to 495 visuals in total (if the base number is between 11 to 33 Tries).

If you do not accept any of your Polymorph visuals, the amount of visuals you can generate is unlimited, since your "Polymorph Left" (or "Polymorph Power") does not decrease if you do not install or accept.

Living NFT + Factory NFT, fits the evergreen ecosystem that JericVerse is designed to be.

When does the Polymorph count reset?

"Polymorphs Left" resets for an AGENT1 when:

  • When it is merged into a Super AGENT1.

Costs to running Polymorphs

The first-ever Polymorph Run for an AGENT1 is free. Holders will have 4 polymorphs left for the AGENT1 after.

The 2nd Polymorph onwards in its history, requires $CREE or ETH to execute.

All Polymorph Runs, gives you 33 to 99 visual/images to pick from, and 11 to 33 stat points added to your AGENT1 NFT.

Burning or Merge Targeting an AGENT1 later will NOT alter the $CREE / ETH requirement.

Each Polymorph Run takes around ~11 minutes to complete, but the time can vary depending on the amount of AGENT1s polymorphing at the time.

Polymorphing AGENT1s uses the computing power of The Source, powered by CREE Machines around the world and the Moon in JericVerse.

Keep what you want. Do what you want. Discard the rest.

You can discard Polymorphs 11 (base number) to 33 times whenever you start a Polymorph Run for an AGENT1. If you accept the visuals early, you earn more stat points to increase your AGENT1 stats with.

You decide if you like to generate more visuals, or upgrade your AGENT1 stats early, with each Polymorph Run.

When you accept & install one of the polymorphs, it will replace any current POLYMORPH installed. It becomes your public-facing POLYMORPH that is viewable at The Backdoor and marketplaces such as OpenSea, via a special View Switch.

Previous polymorphs becomes inaccessible, but may be restored in the future. They are kept in AGENT1's memory.

As a Holder, you own all rights to the generated images (CC0) from your AGENT1 Polymorph - installed, accepted or discarded. The amount of generated images can range from 165 to 495 art pieces.

You may save them to your devices, print, distribute, sell them and/or create NFTs from them at your own will.

These rights are transferrable when you transfer or sell your AGENT1s.

Upgrade your AGENT1 stat points

Every Polymorph Run randomly adds 11 to 33 points to the Strength, Agility and Intelligence stats of your AGENT1.

The amount added is displayed when your Polymorph Run is ready. This amount is also affected by the number of times you take to accept or discard your Polymorph visuals.

When you install a Polymorph you like, the stat points will be credited to your AGENT1. These will also reflect at The Backdoor and on marketplaces such as OpenSea & Blur.io.

How it works? What's the value?

Polymorph Runs evolve with time, and your AGENT1 goes through every NFT, crypto in your wallet to generate bespoke visuals. It is very unlikely for any AGENT1 Polymorph visual to look exactly the same as another. You get a brand new unique visual every time.

You will notice that every Polymorph Run will turn out better with time as it learns about you.

The design of the Polymorph Feature, continues to add value to your collection in JericVerse, and empowers you with tools & utility to generate creative content.

Which AGENT1s can I polymorph?

The Holder can choose to run Polymorph for any of their paired AGENT1 NFTs at the new Backdoor page.

Note: Before The Backdoor was released in January 2023, the older design would automatically activate Polymorph for 1 of every pair of AGENT1 NFTs.

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