What is CREE?

Find out more about the $CREE token.


$CREE is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the main utility token and the currency of JericVerse's ecosystem. We are partnering with CREEBank.org, and constantly working on establishing key mechanics that makes it intrinsically tied to JericVerse ecosystem.

Find out more about its latest development at CREEBank.org and its whitepaper.

$CREE will be required for the buying and selling of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), such as MOONLAND, AGENT1s and CYBORGs, CREE MINERALS, from the JericVerse's marketplace.

You will also need to hold $CREE to participate in the governance of the community votes & your MOONLAND projects in JericVerse.

The more $CREE you own, the more voting power you have in the community and development as in a DAO.

Users who do not have wallets or own any AGENT1s, can rent CYBORGs using $CREE or FIAT, to attend events or play the game for a limited time. This allows Users who wish to view certain events or concerts with their favourite artists for limited playtime only.

The total supply of $CREE is approximately 3.33 Billion. 3,330 Million to be exact. 1 $CREE = 1 $CREE.

The circulating supply of $CREE can be found here.

$CREE Distribution

Q2-Q4 2024: A maximum of 1,810,000 $CREE is distributed daily and resets at approximately 0303 UTC. This amount can fluctuate daily and is determined by an algorithm that monitors the activity of AGENT1 holders, and other activities in the JericVerse ecosystem (i.e. Moonlanders.game)

Half of this $CREE is distributed to CREE Machines, and half is stored in the Agent1_VAULT, to be re-distributed to players in the JericVerse games & AGENT1 holders.

The creator of JericVerse, Jeric T, will receive 233.1M $CREE, over 48 months, after a cliff of 12 months. The initial Team/Company Reserves will hold 366.3M $CREE.

Find out more about the latest developments at CREEBank.org and its whitepaper.


$CREE will be bridged to BRC-20 and Binance Smart Chain using p.Network. This means that you can move your $CREE over to Binance Smart Chain using the p.Network Bridge dApp. This will allow you to send it or trade it with reduced gas fees, as well as to access decentralized exchanges based on BSC such as PancakeSwap! Where it can take $20–100 in gas fees on Ethereum, the same trades can be made on the CREE/BNB pair for mere cents.

$CREE will also support Ultra blockchain.

Transfer between Users

$CREE is transferable between users, and they have full control over how to use it. CREE Machines earn $CREE by supporting the ecosystem where the games, art processing & transactions are able to run on.


$CREE does not in any way represent any shareholding, right, or title in JericVerse, their respective affiliates, or any other company, enterprise or undertaking.

$CREE allows holders to participate in community decisions, projects and artwork curation. $CREE owners can vote themselves or delegate voting rights to other players of their choice.

$CREE price is determined by the markets. $CREE is bought and sold on exchanges. JericVerse does not sell $CREE, nor does it control the price of $CREE.

Find out more about the latest developments of $CREE at CREEBank.org and its whitepaper.

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