What are Guilds?

Guilds, delegation and Entanglements.

Players can create Guilds for others to join. To create a new Guild, the Player must:

  1. Acquire at least 1 BUILDING (BUILDINGs are created from time to time and can be acquired)

  2. Launched 1 Event or Moon Gallery

  3. Own at least 1 MOONLAND

  4. Stake at least 10,000 $CREE in JericVerse, via the JericVerse Rewards page.

This is also the only way to participate in the MoonMafia mini-game.

The creator of the Guild is naturally the Leader with 100% voting power.

Players can join a Guild by staking a minimum of 3,030 $CREE to it. Player can choose any value higher. The amount the Player stakes, determines their staking rewards over time.

All Guilds receive staking rewards from the VAULT, proportionate to the amount of total staked $CREE from the Guild.

What are the benefits to joining a Guild?

Players can join a Guild they like or trust, by staking a minimum of 3,030 $CREE or more. They get another source of $CREE income, as the Guild collectively reap staking rewards, or make good trading decisions with MOONLANDs, construct defenses/buildings, launching Events and Moon Galleries etc. This can help active or inactive Player generate more $CREE over time.

Players also get to participate in the MoonMafia mini-game.

What are the benefits to creating a Guild?

As a Guild Creator, your name will forever be at the top of the Guild, until you transfer it to someone else. The Guild Creator also has the largest voting power percentage, even as the Guild expands. Guild Creator enjoys benefits such as:

  • Claiming $CREE staking rewards on behalf of the Guild. Where:

    • 11% of staking rewards goes directly to the Guild Creator.

    • 11% of staking rewards are split directly with other Guild Leaders proportionately to their voting power percentage.

    • (See below for remainder distribution)

  • Making decisions for the Guild such as:

    • Distributing remaining staking rewards to all Guild Members (including Leaders, excluding the Guild Creator)

    • Use staking rewards to purchase MOONLAND, build defenses, launch Events, acquire BUILDINGs under the Guild's name. All generated revenue from these NFTs will go back to the Guild.

    • Leading the MoonMafia mini-game. Enhance Security Level for the Guild (Secure), or launch an Attack on another Guild.

How does a Guild expand?

As the Guild size increase with new Players joining, every 11 Players in the Guild, unlocks another slot for a new Leader to be added. Guild Leaders can choose to use or not use the unlocked slot for another new Leader.

When new Leaders are added, the existing Leaders decides how much percentage of voting power to be given to the new Leader. Voting power will dilute proportionately between existing Leaders, and given to the new Leader.

There is a Global Guilds ranking page, showing total number of Players in the Guild, total number of Leaders, and total staked $CREE.

Season Bonus

At the end of each season, the Top Guild on the Global Guilds ranking receives an additional 11% of their staking rewards, an extra $CREE bonus. Being the biggest, strongest Guild has its benefits and problems - you stand to gain more but you are also a bigger target to many.

Look out for the Protection Fee system where MOONLAND owners get to choose the MoonMafia to protect them.

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