Basic Gameplay

The JericVerse Moonlanders game is a Metaverse that is being shaped by Players building together. Unlock storylines, features & gamemodes, as you play the game yourself or with others, casually or competitively!
Earn rewards as new features, NFTs and storyline gets unlocked.
There are multiple roles you can play, and you can be as involved (or uninvolved!) as you want.
Early birds of the project, got to experience the "growing" eyes of AGENT1, the artificial intelligence, created by Mr. J to learn and grow for the mission - The Moonlanders mission.
These NFT holders hold on to the AGENT1 NFTs, find codes to improve their NFTs, and can access all parts of the Moonlanders game.
Moonland Terminal

First Event: MoonRover

Second Event: The Simulation is a series of events in the Metaverse world & story. The first event, "The Simulation" starts off with the Player, understanding where he came from, exploring the Moon, discovering abilities and collecting CREE Minerals.
Players control the CYBORG character, explore the Moon, and collect CREE Minerals to unlock the next event, "The Merger".
Each event comes with new game modes, that allow Players to play casually, or competitively.