List of known NFT Collections

Current list of known NFTs in the ecosystem







Are these the only NFT collections that will drop?

No, BUT these are the core NFT Collections (or NFT Family) of the JericVerse ecosystem. Collecting all the NFTs in the above list will add value to your account, NFTs you hold and allow you to access all parts of the JericVerse.

AGENT1 is the only way to access all parts of the JericVerse. Other NFTs adds on to the experience and rewards.

You can own just 1 AGENT1 NFT or all of each NFT collection, and unlock all the features throughout the ecosystem. Everyone will find an angle of participation in the system, either as a Player, Collector or Creator.

Some of the NFT Collections are also Factory NFTs that can automatically spawn or allow you to mint, new & rare Child NFTs from. Sometimes these Child NFTs happen during events. You may be able merge, burn with other NFTs to create unique combinations.

Remember all NFTs in the JericVerse ecosystem are not just images, they are Living NFTs.

They are artworks, tools, membership that provide access to innovative utility on and off the space.

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