The Architect

Game Changer - Change the world for everyone

The Architect is an application in the JericVerse: Moonlanders universe that changes things globally in the Simulations.

It manages everything from the weather, to training characters, missions, enemies and more.

Anyone who wins Architect Blueprints (by breaking game records) or holds Architect GEMs can run The Architect. You can see the list of record breakers at (Moonland Terminal)

The Architect is hosted and running in the 2D game interface.

You can access it from your 2D profile page.

How to upload changes?

As The Architect upgrades, it controls even more parts of the Simulations in 3D and 2D.

As of version The Architect v0.1, after adding your Architect GEM or Blueprint, hit the "Upload" button to send your changes to the Simulations.

How to get Architect GEMs or Blueprints?

You win Architect Blueprints (off-chain) everytime you beat a record in the JericVerse ecosystem games i.e. 3D, 2D or be the first to find a Code in Codehunter game.

You also get 1 Architect Blueprint monthly as a CREEator's Network subscriber.

With an Architect Blueprint, you can:

  • Upload new changes at The Architect in the 2D game. This will change the Simulation world in 3D, affecting all user experiences globally. (Off-chain burn)

  • Mint 2 Architect GEMs with the one Architect Blueprint. (On-chain burn)

What is the difference between GEM and Blueprints?

While both Architect GEMs and Blueprints allow its user to upload changes at The Architect, the Architect GEM can be re-sold, bought, transferred on-chain.

Architect Blueprints however is soul-bound offchain to your account.

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